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The garden

DELICATE FLOWERS Before heading to an afternoon dinner with my mom in Lausanne, I decided to take advantage of the amazing spring athmosphere in a park close to the restaurant. It was so amazing to see all those gorgeous flowers and blooming trees, it is the first time that it really strucks me : we are finally over with winter. Hallelujah! Well, actually right after we shot those pictures it started raining… Guess that with spring comes other kinds of weather tricks. I was wearing that day a new sheinside shirt, very romantic and really spring like. The delicate flower lace with the collar remind me my childhood, I used to wear this kind of garment when I was a little kid, but yet I find it very Louis Vuitton SS12 like. Would have been very funny if I’ve said that when I was 5. I paired to my style sofia scalopped shorts and to my Louis Vuitton pumps, can’t get enough of them that’s for sure.

Anyways, since monday I am back in school and I already feel a big pressure. My final exams are approaching, and it’s very important for me to finish my highschool with good grades.  It’s sometimes quite challenging to do pictures after a whole day spent in highschool, with a bunch of homework waiting and especially with James going to university as well. We don’t have the same schedule and he his college is far away from where I study, so our timing often doesn’t fit for a speed shooting. Of course I could ask my parents to do some pictures, but when they’re back from work it’s already dark outside. So forgive me if sometimes a post is missing, school is something very important in life. Remember that not every kid has the chance to get an education like we do, and I feel really lucky to be able to study. That’s why it’s probable that I’ll need to take some time off the web to fully concentrate. But of course, I’ll keep feeding the baby blog as much as I can. Still, I wanted to thank you for your support and encouraging comments, you are great guys!

P.S : Working on the skincare post, should be up very soon !

TOP : Sheinside
SHORTS : Style Sofia
HEELS : Louis Vuitton
NECKLACE : Forever 21
LIPSTICK : ”Red Muse” by Yves Saint Laurent

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