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Yves saint laurent experience

Pictures by JAMES VYN

SUMMER LOOKLast week I had the chance to get my make-up done by one of the Yves Saint Laurent make-up artist, Michael. It was such a big pleasure for me to get some tips and tricks on how to achieve the perfect YSL summer look with the products from the new summer 2012 collection. I was thrilled. And now I can share this great experience with you guys and also give you all the nice tricks he taught me.

EYES : Michael started my make-up with the eye shadow, which surprised me because usally people prefer doing their foundation first. He applied the light coffee/camel shade from the new Pure Chromatics number 8 palette on my eyelid after priming my eye with some Touche Eclat, (did you know that you can use the touche éclat on your eyes to make them more soft and shiny). These eye shades are very shimmery and the result is gorgeous. Afterwards he drew a half circle beneath my lid with the medium bronze shade to add some volume, and to make my eye look bigger and brighter. The darkest khaki shade comes at the end, just in the corners to make a darker and more dramatic look. Michael used a dark blue eye pencil that he mixed with a little bit of golden eyeshadow under my eye. Finally he used YSL Shocking mascara and eyeliner to finish the eye look.

SKIN : After preparing my skin with some touche éclat on my eye circles, cheekbones, around the lips and even on the line of my nose, Michael applied a shimmery illluminizing gel to make my face look glowy and fresh. Then a little bit of the lightest foundation on my skin just to make my skin tone more even. To fix the make up, it is good to use a big brush with just a little bit of powder, to avoid loosing the face glow. To end the face make-up, Michael used the Terre Saharienne bronzing powder just to make my pale skin look a little more summer-like. 

LIPS AND BROWS : The details are the most important. For the lips, Michael went for the new Rouge pur couture called ”Rouge Madras”, an incredible red shade which tends more a lila/pink shade than to a tangerin/orange one. Quite surprising for summer. It’s always nice to finish a make-up with the brows, with a little bit of brown brow pencil. Sharp brows add a sophisticated and dramatic vibe to any make-up look.

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