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A place to see

Pictures by JAMES VYN

ARTHUR’S RIVE GAUCHE Though Kayture is essentially about fashion, lifestyle is also a subject that interest me a lot. James and I love travelling and discovering new places, new cities, coutries or simply restaurants and bars. There’s always something new to see, so many places where to be. So of course, I was thinking about sharing all these amazing experiences with you guys and making some reviews of my favourite places, in Switzerland or abroad it doesn’t matter : as long as the place is really worth it, I will let you know. Today I wanted to share with you one of the most stylish spot in Geneva, it’s a restaurant, bar and lounge called Arthur’s Rive Gauche. What seduces me the most about it, is it’s luxurious and at the same time very young and modern vibe. Quality and innovation are the words that rule the house. The decoration plays with various pop-art paintings, which bring to the Arthur’s a very fresh and artistic look. The care of the detailing is also impressiv, not only because of the various interior emblishments such as the fork and knife lamps but also the care of the details in our plates. Thanks to the amazing Arthur’s team, we had the chance to discover the place even better, and had the opportunity to try out a variety of different dishes which felt to me like heaven. So, beautiful outside maybe yes, but inside even much more. The most disappointing thing could be : going out to a gorgeous place and hate the meal. Well that’s not the case with the Arthur’s where each plate has been given so much care and attention. The courses were light, colourfull and full of taste.So if you guys are in Geneva, this is obviously a place to see ( don’t miss the apple pie, it’s a-m-a-z-i-n-g).

My outfit of the day was as sunny as the weather, I picked out a mustard Topshop dress paired to some bleu royal detailings such as the heels and the Vince Camutto clutsh. Also, I decided to try a new hairstyle for summer, just a little bit more volume and some loose locks. What do you think about this little change?

7-9 rue du Rhône
1204 Genève
Tel +41 22 810 32 60

DRESS : Topshop
HEELS : Zara
CLUTCH : Vince Camutto

And here are the different dishes we had the opportunity to taste :

” Pavé de veau cuit à basse température, risotto au vieux parmesan arômatisé
à l’huile de truffe blanche ”
 ” Filet de bar rôti au romarin, pommes grenailles à la provençale et écume persillée ”
 ”Saumon façon teriyaki, ruban de carottes croquantes au sésame et wasabi ”
 ” Macarons ”
” Panna cotta à la vanille Bourbon, sauce caramel au beurre salé et arlette au cacao ”
 ”Moelleux au chocolat noir « Caraïbes » et sa glace aux cacahuètes grillées ”
” Tarte fine aux pommes et sa sauce butterscotch ”

Even had some folks joining in the outfit of the day shoot!

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