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Before our lunch in sprüngli

Pictures by JAMES VYN

 CITY PROMENADEZürich is for me, with Montreux and Lugano, one of the most beautiful city in Switzerland. I love it’s athmosphere, love the people, the streets, the architecture the restaurants and clubs. I love everything about it. It is always such a delight for me to be there, unfortunately it is almost three hours away from Geneva and with school it turns out to be a bit difficult to be able to go there a lot. Wish I could come more often but at least each time I come, I want to savour each second of it and want to go to all my favourites places. I have a lot of souvenirs with Zürich from my experience at the Miss Switzerland contest, so I sort of have a story with the city and a lot of good memories. James and I had so much fun just hanging around at the Bahnhostrasse, choosing a place for lunch, even though the choice itself was obvious. We got appealed by the light of the holly Sprüngli, with it’s pastries and chocolates. The Sprüngli café at the Paradestrasse actually has a meny for lunch and breakfast, so we were able to savour a little salad with a club sandwich while waiting for our train. I was wearing that day a new blouse from Style by Marina, and some Goodnight macaroon leather shorts. A bag from romwe, and some heels by Zara. If you ever come to Zürich you must take a walk through the Bahnhofstrasse, nothing’s more relaxing and gorgeous than that.

BAG : Romwe
HEELS : Zara

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