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DENIM + WHITE SHADES It’s been such a long time since I haven’t worn denim, actually a lot of you guys keep on asking me : ”Are you like wearing jeans from time to time or are you like always dressing up for prom? ” which always makes me smile, yep. It’s just that denim is a whole art, don’t get me wrong : I absolutely love jeans but I always had difficulties to find the right one. It just seems to me that no one I’ve seen had the perfect shape, were flattering, comfortable and fashionable at the same time. So, conclusion : it’s much more easy to find a cute dress than to find the right jeans that fits your silhouette ( or maybe it’s just me who doesn’t take enough care and time to find it, I don’t know). so here I am ending up dressing for a charity gala everyday on my blog, thumbs up. But you know what, surprisingly I think it is much easier to wear and above all find elegant and more classy garments, when it’s nice you see it right away : with jeans it’s much more subtle, it has to be the right one for your own personal body. So do you folks have got any suggestions concerning denim brands? I know heap monday make great ones and my next one on the list is a boyfriend jeans in a very light blue shade, still looking for it. In this post you can discover how I decided to style my boyfriend denim Zara shorts with some very light pieces such as the white Zara blazer which adds this little touch of elegance to the outfit. I have always loved playing on the contrast between casual and classy and this is an example of my kind of casulegant ( casual +elegant = casulegant!).

 Finally, I wanted to add a little sparkly detail to my outfit and decided to wear it with a Rocks Paper Metal necklace, which I have been really loving lately. Their brand is amazing and I definitely suggest you guys to check it out if you enjoy colourfull and bright jewerly pieces. It is perfect for summer or simpyl to add a little punch to any outfit.


HEELS : Steve Madden
JEWERLY : Rocks Paper Metal
CLUTCH : Minusey

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