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Neon pink

BRIGHTI’ve always been a bit scared of wearing pink for a very simple reason, the over-the-top girly effect, especially when it’s matched to blond hair. However since a couple of months I took up the challenge. How to wear pink and still look elegant, classy and avoid the walking bimbo effect. It is hard resisting these upcoming summer trends, neons, pastel and as you may have noticed it pink is one of the highlight colours of the season. The goal is to make pink look stylish, effortless and break that childish barbie effect. When I have seen this dress on Queens Wardrobe‘s online shop I immediatly immagined how it would look like once I’ll have it on me and the items I’d choose to match it, a lot of classic details and simple minimalistic jewerly. Therefore I have chosen to pair this neon pink dress to a vintage Chanel bag ( who actually is falling a bit a part, it’s been in the family for a while now and I am so attached to it I don’t even want to go and repair it : it will kind off erase the history and past of the bag), to my new Jimmy Choo Anouk stilletos and to some very simple silver necklaces from H&M. And that’s it. Nude lipbalm, clear nailpolish and natural hair all that to bring to the look a classy yet cool outlook. What do you think about it?

Wish you all guys a great end of the week,  and  a lot of courage for your exams! There’s not much time left before summer so it’s the occasion to give all we got and do our best. For my part, I know I’ll be working like a crazy person this week-end so you might not hear a lot from me however you can still follow me on my twitter to read my cries of desperation and pictures of the food I eat ( yes, twitter is the best way to share food pictures, I call it TW-EATER).

DRESS : Queens Wardrobe
HEELS : Jimmy Choo
BAG : Chanel
LIPSTICK : Carmex lipbalm

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