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TIMELESS PIECESSo the other day I have been asked the question, what does any women need in her gardrobe. After that, I actually thought of 10 garments I’d had to I rescue if my house was on fire (obviously if there’s a fire, I don’t think I’d rescue the clothes, I might come and save the cat first that would be a better action). And here’s my point : there are some pieces each of us must have in one’s closet. Of course there is no obligation, but these garments, once you have, them make your life so much easier or at least your mornings (we are all quite used to the mornings of running late because you still don’t know what to wear, it’s a true feminin tragedy). Well here are some of the pieces all of us should possess : Black blazer, perfect for any occasion day or night, winter or summer. Little black dress. A girl’s night out? Little black dress with stilettos. A job interview? LBD with the black blazer! A pair of super stylish yet comfortable jean, to play the rockstar or to play the casual chic. The black heels, to pair it with any outfit for a touch of elegance. Ray Bans, because it’s the best sunnies ever created. I’d be temped to say a chanel timeless bag, but obvisouly it’s a bit exaggerated  since we can’t all afford this kind of ”essential” so I’ll just go with a bag that look good and fits any kind of outfit. And finally, last but not least, I would say a plain white shirt with a flaterring cut, which you can pair to jeans, denim shorts or actually anything else. Here are my top picks and if I absolutely had to rescue some pieces from my closet here’s what I would keep.  

In this look I let you discover some of my recent favourite basic pieces. The leather shorts wich are so easy to wear and actually fit most of the clothing I own. Matched to my white blazer and shirt this whole outfit is finally quite minimalistc but yet full of elegance and comfortable. If the heels are to much for the day, then I suggest nice loafers to match the whole look : it will bring a very edgy and effortless outlook yet super chic and elegant. Because you know how much I love playing with details, I paired my new CC SKYE Victoria clutch and some Yves Saint Laurent bright tangerine lipstick to top off the whole look!

What about you, what would be your 5 wardrobe essentials?

BLAZER : Minusey
SHORTS : Goodnight Macaroon
LIP STICK : YSL Rouge Pur Couture ”Le Orange”
NAIL POLISH : O.P.I ”A Roll In The Hague”

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