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Harem pants

Pictures by JAMES VYN

HOT Yes, it’s has been very hot these past couple of days. And though it might seem super exciting after the long and forever lasting winter thinking that it couldn’t be more pleasant to enjoy a bit of warm weather,  well my allergies have never been so bad. Some of you guys might know what I am talking about, I am talking about sneezing all the time, cough endlessly and to blow your noise creating that way a beautiful, harmonious melody. Ah it’s a delight. No actually it isn’t, I was stuck in bed for days and it was so difficult to work for my exams in this condition. Luckily I have only four left and I will receive my results of friday. What about you guys, are you already on holidays?

For the outfit, you might have noticed that I have been really into the casual/sporty chic style lately. I just love combining comfortable clothing with bright and elegant pieces such as a nice pair of heels or really cool jewerly. My tastes are a bit changing lately I guess, even for food. I have been absolutely disgusted of yoghurt for years and yesterday I had one and absolutely loved it! Funny isn’t it how we all change and evolve. So here is a bunch of new garments I was excited to show you, what do you think of my brand new Michael Kors wallet I got from Zalando? You might have seen it in my Goodies post a while ago, I actually really like wearing my wallets as cluches when I go out. Especially this kind of ones that are big enough to handle my lipbalm and keys. Bare essentials.

SHIRT : Yes or No
HEELS : Zara
NECKLACE : Karen London
LIPSTICK : Bobbi Brown Lipbalm SPF 15
WALLET : Michael Kors from Zalando

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