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Casual chic

A DAY OUT IN LAUSANNE My friend and I spent the lovelies day in Lausanne last moday. Our plan was to hit one of the best restaurant/bar in Lausanne to have a bite of the most delicious club sandwich on earth (no joke or exageration, I am speaking seriously people : it really is the best of the best and I can tell you, I am an expert when it comes to club sandwiches). I swear you never tasted french fries that are as good as those. They melt in your mouth and have a slight paprika taste, it’s really good. After our lunch, it was to time for some serious walking to burn a little those patatoes fries and turkey mayonnaise (no, actually the purpose wasn’t really burning the fat of our little tummies but to get crazy over an extreme shopping afternoon, and more precisely : hit the sales). Once again I was wearing a lot of pieces from Zara. They make great and affordable clothing which has the advantage to be sold in Switzerland as well so I end up showinng you some Zara products in almost each post. We need more stores out here. I have been feeling the need to dress up in a very comfortable way lately, still of course I love staying elegant. Therefore I enjoyed playing with a casual chic look by combining some loose training cotton candy coloured pants to a white shirt and blazer. To add a little classier touch I added this Minusey golden necklace and my beloved Zara heels (which are yet on sale if you are wondering, so hurry up!).

Berlin is going to be great, I actually did a little break to write this article since I was packing my stuff. I am not taking a lot of things with me, I am planning to make a bit of shopping over there. I wanted to thank you all guys for your awesome suggestions, I have written them all down like a very organised person in my little notebook and will try some of them out. We are staying only for the week-end, so it’s going to be a super quick trip, but still I am really excited and looking forward to see the Bread and Butter exposition!

LIPSTICK : YSL ”Pink Guava”

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