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Red crochet

Pictures by JAMES VYN

 AFTER THE LUNCH Last week we had the chance to enjoy a delicious lunch at Kempinsky’s restaurant called ”The Grill”. I highly advice you guys to check out this amazing place, where food is absolutely delicious on your visit to Geneva. The city had never been so gorgeous, and we enjoyed a beautiful meal with the Hermès team. Some really interesting ideas came out and you might expect a couple of really cool posts. I am excited to share it all with you guys soon! After out lunch we decided to take a digestiv walk and that’s how we ended up making some outfit of the day pictures. I was wearing that day two Zara pieces, that I am absolutely in love with. This red crochet top looks like heaven to me, it is so gorgeous and elegant at the same time. Combined to a white pleated skirt, this outfit seems like a perfect summer combo. I don’t know if it happens to you guys, but I got so happy while wearing this outfit. Sometimes wearing clothes that I really love makes me feel so good and so confident. This outfit really made it all feel like holidays and summer. Does your clothing influence your mood as well?

I have big news, I passed my BAC (highschool certificate), my exams are yet officially finished! Friday was such an emotional day, not only I felt nostalgy for all the years spent in highschool, but also I was so exhausted because of all the efforts given away during this difficult month. It has been for me a challenge during the whole year to manage blogging, travelling, studing, working (I work as a model in a swiss agency based in Lausanne to gain a bit of pocket money for clothing and travel) and the miss switzerland contest, which took so much energy. I am proud of all the achievements and all the valuable experiences life brought me this year. I can’t be more gratefull, and honoured. Yet I feel like another step begins and hope that there’s many projects on my way!

I am also so happy to be back on the blog, posting two post per week (while I usally post 4) was really depressing. I didn’t have time at all to post more, or even to make pictures. Every single day was rythmed by a crazy schedule : 5:30AM wake-up, study, pass the exam, back home and study back again for the next day. A total of 14 exams… This was quite exhausting, and though I wanted to blog so much, I felt like if I did I would have had breakdown from an overdose of work. Now that it’s all behind me, I can wait to get back to my normal posting habits. I have so many projects to share with you guys and you might expect some really cool surprises during this month!

Hope your exams went out well too! I thought about you guys so much and kept fingers crossed for all of you. And in case it didn’t worked out the way you wanted to, well believe me, you will find another path. Just believe in yourself and enjoy what’s given to you, we only live once!

LIPSTICK : YSL ”Red Muse” mixed with Bobbi Brown lip balm for a natural effect.
BRACELET : Cartier Love

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