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Mermaid like

Pictures by James Vyn

FROM OUCHY WITH LOVE I hope to enhance with the help of this blog tourism in Switzerland (though I wonder if it’s really needed). You guys can’t even imagine all the amazing places this little country possesses, the incredible view, the fresh air… I believe we are really luck out here. So the other day we were hanging out in Ouchy as we often do and I took with me this incredible Three Floor dress which I actually kept in my closet for weeks and weeks wondering how I could style it. I had in mind a very precise picture, I don’t know if that ever happens to you : all of a sudden you have this sort of ”vision” and you know exactly how you want our outfit picture to look like. So that is what happened to me the other day. This dress reminds me for a reason of the perfect mermaid gown. Because for me it’s bustier definitely looks like little turquoise sea shells and the long blue skirt floats like waves in the ocean. So I had this image in my head, where I was in the dress looking like a human mermaid (except that in my vision I was laying on a beach with some hot mermaid guys around me, but I skipped that part for the photoshoot, my marmaid man a.k.a James played the part). 

The best place to shoot the outfit was either Montreux or Ouchy and since we’ve  been in Montreux a couple of days ago we decided to go for the second option and found some lovely spots such as an amazing fountain where we simply sat, talked and enjoyed the weather for a while. Also to mention that my foot still hurts, remember when I told you guys that I smashed it against a rock in Montreux? Well, it heals really slowly, too slowly, and you know I am the kind of sick person who’s going to wear high heels anyway… But not for a very long time, this is why I ended up bare foot playing around the fountain. Yes I am very smart. This dress was perfect with golden details and my new sea shells earrings were absolutely perfect for the occasion. I added my new Backstage transparent clutch which has got this amazing blue reflection as well, thought this was the perfect accessory any mermaid should have.

DRESS : Three Floor
SHOES : Navyboot
BRACELET : Avant Première
CLUTCH : Backstage

And then we enjoyed a delicious lunch by the lake, at Chateau d’Ouchy.

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