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Tropical breeze

Pictures by James Vyn

PALMS As you might know, Montreux is one of my favourite places to rest, relax and hang around with James. All we care about when we are there are ice creams, sunsets, cocktails, long walks by the lake a lot of joking and having fun. That’s what holidays are about isn’t it? Speaking of which, I can’t believe those are coming to an end in just a couple of days. My friends are already returning to studies, luckily this year only I won’t be concerned since I am officially on my year off. Why did I took an entire year off from school/university? Because I believe that sometimes in life, some amazing opportunities show up and it is good to take chances, to dream, to enjoy and to follow your heart. That’s what I decided to do and I am so gratefull that I had the actual opportunity to make that decision. My blog brought me so much, and I feel like I have learned so many things out of this whole experience, that I felt the need to give it all for kayture during one year at least. I want to see where this road will lead me and simply enjoy the occasions which will show up. James and I are so happy and motivated, obvisouly it felt like the best decision ever.

So of course, I am already checking up universities for next year : afterall I am also so excited to continue my studies, I’ve always loved learning and the whole studies experience! I simply can’t wait to start. But one thing at the time right, it’s good to live Carpe Diem sometimes. It’s the best way to enjoy every bit of life. And I am sure that this blogging experience will bring me so many amazing memories, it’s the chance to make new friends, meet new people. Yep, all I can say is that I have loads of motivation… So back to the pictures, we shot these in Montreux. This place gives me such an incredible energy and positiv thinking, it’s the perfect spot to recharge batteries. It is like a little paradise hidden in Switzerland. For the outfit of the day I wanted to do something very classic and neutral but I am not sure if these are the right words to describe this look. It felt like the perfect combo for a day out in the city at least and I must say that I had a huge crush on this zebra print skirt, and yet today I am not so sure about it : let me know your thougts!

SHIRT : Style Sofia
BRACELET : Sal Y Limon

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