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Zalando carnival giveaway – closed

LET’S START THE WEEK IN A GOOD WAY Hope all of you guys are doing great and that you all had an absolutely fabulous week-end, had a lot of fun, enjoyed the sun the fresh air and so on. Weren’t too like ”oh my god it’s almost the end of holidays, yolo” crazy on saturday night. Yeah… I know you. On my side, while James was studying for his exams, yep let’s all make on minute of silence for him, I was spending some quality time with some friends around a nice dinner and of course took advantage on sunday to have fun with my family, which was absolutely great. Not to mention that I have started ( started is a big word, I am already at the 6th book) reading the Harry Potter saga, yep very hipster since everybody’s obsessing over 50 Shades of Grey, hipster or very late… Maybe that’s the appropriate word. Well that’s what I said : better late than never and I mean, I am the kind of person who I know couldn’t have passed high school while reading this kind of addictiv book. I would have gotten stuck on Harry Potter while I had to work on my maths and physics. And I couldn’t have done that knowing that Harry might get killed… So now that I have some free time it’s the perfect occasion isn’t it? And I enjoy every bit of it, the proof : already enjoyed 5 book in two months and a half, which is a good score for me. Of course, I read them in french which is my ”mothertongue”, well russian actually is but since I’ve lived all my life in the french part of the country, french became the languge I am thinking and dreaming in.

So back to our business, what about beginning this monday with a huge giveaway? Yes winning gorgeous clothing is the best consolation to fight the end of the week-end. Isn’t this the perfect way to enjoy this freshly new week. I know that I am already excited… So remember when I talked to you about the Zalando Carnival in my previous post? If not you can click here to have a look. Well I was saying that some amazing bloggers ,Virginie Peny, Lea Hefti and Tine Fleischer, will be posting some cool outfits in regards to this exciting carnival project and that you will find on monday on my blog a little surprise and so here it is today as planned. So guys, you will be able to win the whole look which you can see in my main picture, all that from the new Zalando Collection! Meaning the brown coat, the peach sweater,  the amazing metal pants and finally the obviously Louis Vuitton inspired pumps. I believe it is the perfect outfit for winter, comfy and fashionable at the same time. The contest is opened to everybody (worldwide) and here’s what you have to do in order to win!

1. Check out the 4 carnival looks created by me, Virginie Peny, Lea Hefti and Tine Fleischer and ”vote” for your favourite one by leaving a comment under the blogger’s carnival look post ( if you like Lea Hefti or example, just leave her a comment under her carnival blogpost saying why you do)
2. Leave a comment under this post with your name, e-mail address, and the blogger you favourited.
3. Make sure to follow me on facebook/twitter/bloglovin

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