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Burgundy in new york city

Pictures by James Vyn

SHOPPING IN TOWN If the ambiance and fashion are in New York city like nowhere else then you might obviously consider the fact that shopping, oh yes shopping, is absolutely amazing and crazy as well. During our trip for the fashion week, we absolutely had to squeez in a couple of hours for a special shopping session in town right after the BCBGMAXAZRIA show. We walked litterally the whole fith avenue while making stops in between for coffee, drinks and sugar to keep energy the whole day. The only thing I can say is that this kind of activity drives me completely nuts. Imagine me, little swiss girl here in the big apple. My brain was browsing for a while among all those shiny shoes and bags until I understood : gotta keep reasonable on the credit card. And I did, I swear (common, I am a highly serious person). The fact is that in Switzerland I never have the opportunity to check out all those brands, of course I am constatly on online shops but still, it isn’t the same thing. It is so much better to be actually able to try out the clothing or the jewerly on you, touch the materials and look at the quality.

So the only thing I can say is : let’s make a minutre of silence for the brave James who sacrificed himself and came with me… Must have been tough, but he didn’t abandon (thumbs up). Well at least men will know that shopping is a great sport. So next time your boyfriend blames you for beeing too lazy and not working out enough then bring him with you on a ”little” shopping fun session. You’ll be able to enjoy the ”my feet hurt”, ”you rrreaally want to go to this shop?”, ”you already have like 20 pair of shoes, you really need another one!?” or even ”I’ll wait for you at the starbucks” which means big fail. I can tell you, he won’t mess up with you again.

SKIRT : Zalando Collection
BAG : Vintage Chanel

We enjoyed a little break at the Nobu on 105 Hudson Street. It is my one of my all-time favourite restaurant so if you guys have the opportunity to go there, try out the black cod. The most amazing fish dish you might ever try in your whole life.

A big thanks to Voss water for keeping us hydrated during the whole fashion week with boxes of gorgeous designed sparkling and still Voss bottles.

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