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Galaxy on peplum shirt

CHILLY MONDAYHey! Look who’s got a new hair cut! Remember I was telling you in one of my previous posts that I finally decided to change a little bit of hairstyle? Must admit that I was really tired of my long hair, not only was it really damaged ( didn’t cut my hair for almost 3 years… I know quite weird but I kind of have a ”hairdresser phobia”, I have never, ever, liked it when I got a new hair cut , those hairdresser people manage to ruin my hair all the time, well at least that’s how I feel in the next 48 hours after I quit the salon and then I realise that I just panicked…) but I was just so tired  of having the same look, needed a change and so happy that I did. At the beginning I was of course freaked out. Especially when I saw my hair falling on the floor, but after a couple of days getting used to it I actually enjoy it. My hair has got more volume and I feel like it’s just more modern so I am definitely happy and think it is a great change regarding the approaching fashion weeks. It’s like my new look makes me more inspired, I mean I feel like a different person now so obviously new outfit ideas pop up in my head.

I’ve never really been into galaxy prints, maybe is it because there was a moment where everybody was wearing it but I simply fell in love with this peplum shirt from Lavish Alice (hipster me wearing the galaxy print back again oh yeah). So with my new hairstyle I wanted to play a little bit on the rock n’ chic look and I decided to pair this shirt to a leather jacket from Minusey, some stilletos and pencil skirt to make it look elegant as well, and finally some arm candies : a couple of bracelets. This friendship bracelet from Not A Brand looked perfect with the whole look. Finally to add a couple of cool details, I’ve chosen this B-low The Belt studded clutch which I think add this little rock vibe that I wanted to achieve.

SHIRT : Lavish Alice
JACKET : Minusey
BRACELET : Both silver ones H&M, friendship bracelet Not A Brand
CLUTCH : B-Low The Belt
NAILPOLISH : Chanel ”Frenzy”

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