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Light pink & khaki

Pictures by James Vyn

PASTEL AND EDGYThere are some shades that are quite difficult to combine with others in my opinion and that I usually match with black or nude. One of the typical examples is pink, I truly find it challenging to find the perfect matching piece to this colour as it is so special by itself. However the other day while James and I were in Zürich for the week-end, I decided to try out a new combination which was inspired by an editorial I saw in a magazine a couple of days ago : pink and khaki.

Since I absolutely love khaki, it was the perfect deal for me. At first, I thought that it was quite surprising to match these two shades together, one is kind of girly the other one perfectly edgy and urban : both together it creates a perfect balance which I really enjoyed trying out. Afterall, it stays quite a simple outfit that kept me perfectly warm during the whole day by the way. I really love this faux fur coat which actually reminds me of a cotton candy. Doesn’t it? P.S : I am writing this post from Barcelona, so happy to be back in spain, feel free to follow our updates on our social media!

COAT : Front Row
SCARF : E-Vil 
PANTS : Zara
BOOTS : Zalando

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