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Arrival in new york

Pictures by James Vyn

QUICK UPDATEHey everybody, hope you’re all doing well! James and I arrived in New York a couple of hours ago, so please : if I write a total non sense in this article, please note that I am completely jet-lagged and can’t even count correctly how much fingers I have on my hands… Honestly, even though we are quite used to travelling, still ending up on the other corner of the world doesn’t really suit my body. So tonight I am definitely going to sleep tight like a baby, hopefull I won’t wake up because it’s lunch time back in Switzerland

We decided to do quickly these pictures as we were running to a dinner with Lancôme. I decided to go for a chic night look with something elegant, polished and modern at the same time so I just paired an In Love Fashion jumpsuit to some bold red lipstick. Indeed, this year the exciting news is that we are teaming up with Lancôme, who are our exclusive and official sponsors during our stay in NY for fashion week, we will show you guys all the new beauty trends!A huge thanks to the amazing Lancôme team, as well as to Rebecca Minkoff and Sigerson Morrisson for the lovely gifts.

Also guys, I wanted to take advantage of this message to spread an exciting news : on the 14th of February I am inviting 20 of youfolks to a special make-up session in Geneva with Yves Saint Laurent in celebration of their perfume Manifesto. It’s going to be so much fun. If you are a swiss resident feel free to enter your contact so I can get in touch with you if you’re selected!


JUMPSUIT : In Love With Fashion
NECKLACES : Caratime ”Lulu Frost” and Mango
SHEOS : Kat Maconie

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