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Back in paris

Pictures by James Vyn

MY LOVE If I had the chance to discover a lot of amazing cities while travelling for the blog, I must admit that Paris always had a special place in my heart. Together with New York, they are two of my absolutely favourite destinations. There’s just something so incredibly magical about Paris, the architecture, the charm of the city, the amazing food and all it’s history. You should see me, as soon as me feet touch the parisian ground I go all ” Aux Champs Elysées paraparapa ♩♪♫♬ ”. Quite annoying actually… For James especially who has to hear this all the time.

This time we were in France for a special project with Yves Saint Laurent, we were filming with them a video for their new Rouge Volupté shine lipsticks and I really can’t wait to show you the result. The clip should be released in March and I already had a preview. It’s going to be le–wait for it–gendary. Okay I might have watched too many episodes of how I met. Talk to you soon guys, we’re heading to Milan in a couple of hours!

COAT : Zara
BOOTS : Zalando
PANTS : Windsor Store
CLUTCH : Chanel
RINGS : Backstage
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