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MY FAVOURITESIt’s been a while since I haven’t posted a goodies post, as James and I were travelling so much we really focused on documenting our experiences and skipped the goodies post for a little while. But hey, just like we say it in french ”un mal pour un bien”, it means that with every negative thing comes a good one and in this situation I had even more time to search for new items to show you as well as prepare some new pictures. I know that you all are much more excited when it comes to outfit posts as there’s always less comments under my goodies one but I just think it’s so nice to share with you some of my current favourite items.

As we are soon leaving for New York fashion week, my packing nightmare really does start. Actually I am quite of an organisation junkie, so even though preparing my stuff for departure can get quite crazy I still manage to stay clean and focused. I never take to many clothes and always manage to use everything I took. Thumbs up junkies. In this post you’ll find out some of the products and items I use almost everyday and new purchases, can you relate to some of them? 

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