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In venice with louis vuitton

Pictures by James Vyn

TRAVEL DIARYLast week was quite crazy for both James and myself as we had to take 6 planes in exactly 4 days and have the time in between to pack, unpack and edit the articles. I was so excited and happy to be able to visit new cities and live all these experiences with James. So right after we came back from Barcelona, we left for Venice with Louis Vuitton in order to discover the city guided by their awesome team as well as their manufacture where they create most of their shoes. First stop, their boutique where Andy, Carolina and I had the opportunity to try on some pieces of their new collection.

Great fact : Louis Vuitton are launching their new shoe online shop, so you guys can finally purchase Louis Vuitton pumps and heels from your computer. How cool is that? During our stay in Venice we had the chance to have the whole day to discover the city, and even though it was really cold we still enjoyed the amazing landscapes, Venice does feel like out of the world. At the end of the day, we discovered their manufacture, unfortunately we couldn’t make a lot of pictures but it was a real craftmanship temple and very fascinating to see their technique to create such beautiful shoes. Sadly we couldn’t stay very long in Italy but we all enjoyed every bite of the journey!


FAUX FUR COAT : Motel Rocks
BOOTS : Bally
BAG : B-Low The Belt
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