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Arrival in vienna

Pictures by James Vyn

ADVENTURES WITH OMEGAGosh, first of all peeps sorry for being a little absent on the blog lately, I’ve skipped my friday and monday post which usually never happens, like never ever ever! We were off to Vienna this week-end with the awesome Omega team and honestly once we got back, there was only one thing I wanted to do : sleep and sleep and eat and sleep. So that’s what I did, and I am glad that I took this time to rest because now I am full of energy and back with tons of new pictures!

Our experience in Vienna was beyond incredible, I don’t know if you followed me on my social media and especially on Instagram (@kristina_bazan) where I posted a lot of updated but we’ve attended their Enchanted Night party and it was just the most inspirational evening ever. I will talk to you guys about it more in a future post. We also had the chance to discover their new Ladymatic watch, which is absolutely breathaking, and I was so happy to wear it for the day. Enjoy the pictures babes!


COAT SHORTS SHOES : Zara (yay missed the total Zara looks!)
BAG : Vintage Chanel (getting really old…)
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