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Classic elegance

Pictures by James Vyn

GUCCI LOAFERS PROJECT Guys, this article is to remember. Well kind of… First of all, it’s been ages since I’ve posted an article where I wear flat shoes. Don’t ask me why, it’s just that I’m the kind of freaky person who needs a little magic and glamour to appear on my baby blog, and well I don’t really wear flats that much. Not joking, I really don’t. You can try to spy me on Google Streets. Second, it’s the return of my ”perfect coat”, yay! It hasn’t been that long, you guys have seen it in my previous article but hey a good piece is a classic piece and kind of a statement. I like to pull it off with different outfits.

Finally, this article states the first step of a creative collaboration with Gucci, a brand that I loved for a long time and now that they are celebrating their loafers it was a great opportunity to show you guys an idea of how to wear this classic piece. They have chosen some style influencers around the world to show their version of the Gucci loafers and here is mine : classic and timeless. A lot of you might think that these shoes are perhaps for another generation, but I feel like there is something so chic and retro about them. What do you guys think?

COAT : Zalando Collection
RINGS : Folli Follie& Goodnight Macaroon
WATCH : Michael Kors
NAIL POLISH : O.P.I ”Colors so hot it burns”
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