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Last day in london

Pictures by James Vyn

LATE AFTERNOON Before showing you guys the other pictures we shot while we were in Vienna with Omega, I wanted to share with you the last pictures we shot in London as we were hanging out in town, doing a little shopping at Harrods and of course checking out the Dior exhibition. London was such an amazing city, as you might know it was my first time in England and I was definitely impressed and fascinated. 

First of all people were so kind, polite and respectfull… Not that they aren’t in the other cities but it was quite impressiv! Everybody was so incredibly lovely to us. Of course we enjoyed some delicious tea time, scones and little sandwiches. A real delight, I even tried to speak with a british accent… James thought I sounded completely ridicoulous so I had to stop. I could have went on for hours though! Can’t wait to be back.

COAT : Zara
SHIRT : Three Floor
BOOTS : Steve Madden
BAG : Goodnight Macaroon
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