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Fall moods

Pictures by Elena Kuznetsova

THE GREEN SKIRT GIRLWell, I will honestly say this to you : it feels nice to enjoy some time in between two trips… Meaning : it feels nice to be able to spend some time home and cool down a little bit. Not that we’re totally taking it easy when we’re in Switzerland, oh my gosh it’s faaaar from that  (all the office work happens here!!!)  but it’s just so nice to be able to have some time on our own, enjoy the lovely sceneries (shoot shoot, woop woop) (and especially now with the beautiful fall weather, Switzerland has never been as beautiful with all it’s orange trees and the gray sky which compliments so well with the infinite-looking lake), and of course take some time to catch up with all the family and friends. I have enjoyed celebrating my birthday here so much! It was just soo soo incredibly nice after the crazy-wazy month of September/October we’ve had. Like I’ve said sometimes the most enchanting and fun things are the most simple : you just have to take the time to find them, or find the people to share these kind of moments with to enjoy at the fullest! Meanwhile, we already thinking of our fully packed month of November and I can tell you guys that we’re going to have some really exciting trips and project going on so you definitely have to stay updated!

For me fall weather has always been kind of strange, I feel like some days you’re just kind of in between summer and winter and you truly don’t know how to dress up! Should I throw on my coat or am I going to be too warm? Is a beanie too much, and what about a scarf? It’s not always easy to find the perfect balance especially when there’s an indian summer going on. The day where my dear friend Elena Kuznetsova (I talked to you guys about her amazing work, you must check out her beautiful website : she SO talented) and I shot these images, there was truly a weird climate going on. The kind of climate where you throw on your jacket and then take it off every 30 seconds because afterall it’s not thaaat cold but it’s still fall so you kind of feel like you have to keep it on. However I feel like the outfit that came out of this little hesitation is quite nice and I have to say that I am obsessed with most of the items featured in this article : from the insane Roksanda Ilincic skirt that I got from Emeza and the absolutely incredible clutch from Mawi (you know what a big lover of Mawi I am), I have to say I would wear this look again and again. Plus these sunglasses are my absolutely favourite ones, Gucci definitely got my heart this season. I am in LOVE!!! I hope you guys will enhoy this look and see you very soon for some more updates :)

TOP : Three FLoor
SKIRT : Roksanda Ilincic
SHOES : Michael Kors
RING : Dominic Jones
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