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Leo on a windy day

Pictures by James Vyn

CASUAL-LING IN TOWNSeriously to casual should become a thing. I mean okay, we all say we relax or we get comfy or we chill but the right and appropriate word for some kind of saturday/sunday afternoons situations would definitely be ”I was just being all casual in town, you know, casualling”. Stop me if I am not making sense. Anyway that’s exactly how I felt this saturday, the weather was terrible, windy as hell and I just wanted to be cool and relax. We spent no more that 15 minutes outside to shoot this look, even our camera wasn’t working well because of the cold (yup this can happen).

I know you guys aren’t used to see me hang out in flat shoes, but believe me, there are days when I just feel like it. And it’s not even for a comfort reason (well yeah it is) but honestly I’ve got some booties with a heel that are as much comfortable as these shoes. However, I felt like they fit perfectly to my look of the day, what do you guys think?

COAT : Zara
SHOES : Crime 
BAG : B-Low The Belt
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