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A day with louis vuitton

Pictures by James Vyn

HIGH STYLEThis article is going to be a little bit different than usual, but new is always good isn’t it? Since months, James and I have been talking about a new category for Kayture, something even more inspirational and informative. We love shooting fashion pictures but since we get to travel that much and work with so many amazing labels, we thought that it could be the perfect occasion to share insider stories with you, focusing on lifestyle, luxury, travel and all good things. May I introduce you to the ”high style” category. Our trip to Paris with Louis Vuitton was the perfect occasion to launch this new concept as the purpose of the experience was to get to know ther history and heritage better.

I was extremely impressed by how rich and interesting the story of Louis Vuitton and it’s debut is. I mean, most of us only know LV’s modern ”Marc Jacobs” period, but there’s so much more behind it. We spent the day with their team, starting with a visit of their ”Cabinet D’écriture” located at Saint-Germain-des-Prés. Gustave Vuitton, the grandson of Louis was born with an illness and decided to put all his energy and efforts into knowledge, litterature and arts. Interests that you can see reflected in the label as Vuitton specialises not only in fashion, but also in luxury office suplies. From paper, to ink and partnerships with french authors, the brand shows a really tight bond with the art of writing.

We enjoyed a delicious lunch at la ”La Société” right next to the boutique. A very intimate restaurant, with an exquisite menu full of delicacies. I had to try their shrimp dumplings, but also highly suggest the spicy tuna and avocado tartar which was beyond any expectations. Later on, we headed to Asnières, where we drowned in the peacefull atmosphere of the Maison de famille Louis Vuitton, the very first house that the owner of the legendary label owned. It was incredible to see old archive paintings and pictures but also the architecture of the house which might have inspired Louis Vuitton day by day.

We ended the tour at the trunk manufacture where we admired the craftsmanship put into each Louis Vuitton luggage piece. Each and every worker knows perfectly it’s move. We’ve seen some amazing special trunk orders (which we couldn’t show you guys unfortunately due to clients privacy reasons) such as special barbie trunks, or tattoo trunks. But the interesting thing is that LV never does twice the same special trunk, they’ll insit on creating a unique piece for their customer. They can basically build a trunk for  anything, the only limit is human and animal trunks (thank god). Enjoy the pictures folks!



BLAZER : Helmut Lang (Completely in love with it, perfect shape and print. Find it here)
PANTS : Guess by Marciano 
SHOES : Hugo Boss 
SHIRT : Lovers & Friends
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