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Cavalli on a sunny day

Pictures by James Chardon

DAYS IN CANNES I must admit that the experience in Cannes with Chopard was full of emotions and absolutely unforgettable even though our stay was very short. In just a few hours, we got from huge excitment, to pure anxiety and then to surprisement and euphoria. While I was waiting for the official pictures of the red carpet to come out, a.k.a ”La Montée des Marches” I decided to show you guys this last look we shot near the famous Croisette.

The lovely Roberto Cavalli team let me pick this dress for our stay in Cannes and enjoy it for our events and dinners. It was such a great pleasure to wear it during our last day as I felt like it looked perfect with my new look, talking about the bangs here (which grow so quickly by the way, it’s insane). The material of this dress was so exquisite and rich. It had metal embelishments all over it as well as crystal stones on the sleeves. Pure glamour. Picked out some lovely Gucci shoes to go with it. Stay updated for the red capet shots!

DRESS + BAG : Roberto Cavalli 
SHOES : Gucci
RING : Calvin Klein
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