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Shanghai update

HUGO BOSS FASHION SHOWHey folks! Couldn’t resist a quick update as we finally arrived in China and more precisely Shanghai not that long ago after a super long trip. I am already full of emotions and a little bit lost in time and space (I mean, what day is it? what time is it? and where am I exactly right now?). I have such an awesome first impression of this totally new country. I’ve already been to Tokyo a while ago (it was my only reference for comparison) but honestly it’s nothing like it. 

We are here with Hugo Boss to assist at their fashion show which will take place tomorrow (30th of May 9:45pm, China time). I went ahead and joined for you this little live streaming video so you guys can follow the show directly from your computers, see all the celebrities that will be attending the event and maybe even catch a quick glance of me strolling around! Hope you’ll enjoy, also don’t forget to check out their website for more info (click here to check it out). Can’t wait to share this experience with you, don’t forget also to follow my Instagram (@kristina_bazan) as well as James’s (@james_vyn) for news and updates!

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