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First face for mango in moscow

A NEW ADVENTUREEven though I did a couple of runway shows at the time when I was in a modelling agency in Switzerland, I never considered myself as a model and surely never (evar evar eveer) wanted to become one. First of all, I really love food and I could never restrict myself from things I love. Second of all, to make it in the modelling business you have to be really tall, and my height is 1m73, which is already quite good but nothing compared to the usual 1m75-1m80. So I did some photoshootings for fun and to meet people in fashion. Of course when you’re in an agency you get to do some runways. I’ve done 5 or 6 but never would I have considered that I would one day open the show of such a great brand like Mango and especially in a city like Moscow. 

So here I was, tiny me, among all the 1m80 models standing by my side. Luckily, my inner voice pushed my confidence levels up (maybe the super dose of adrenaline pushed it higher too…and the 3 cups of coffee I had before, whoops) but anyway I was ready to rock that catwalk. I was quite nervous at first, but ready to enjoy every single second. Mango just launched their new sports collection, so as it is the big news I was wearing a Mango Sport outfit to open the show. Everything went absolutely great, and I even got the chance to dance with some lovely pumpkin heads who were presenting the Mango Kids line. Once the stress was down, we enjoyed the after-party and our last hours in Moscow. Enjoy the shots babes!

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