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Greetings from moscow!

Pictures by James Chardon

 IN RUSSIA WITH MANGO Hello there folks! Well this week has been super intense for both James and I (as you might have notice, I didn’t even have time to approve your awesome comments, but I just did and they totally made my evening. As always thank you all so much for sharing your thoughts with me, it’s really inspiring). We left this week to Moscow for an express adventure with the amazing Mango team. A lot of really exciting things were involved in the process, first of all of course the opportunity to come back closer to the place of my childhood (I was born in Minsk) and second of all be able to walk the runway, as the first face during their fashion show in Moscow.

Among all this, came along some great opportunities of interviews and photoshootings for some of my favourite russian media like, Cosmopolitain or Elle Girl. I think that the most incredible point about this whole trip though was to be able to speak russian during the whole stay. As you might now I was born in Belarus and speak russian every single day at home with my family and have some russian friends in Switzerland too. It was amazing to be able to buy some of the foods I used to eat when I was a kid, like the ”prianiki” or ”morojonoie plombir” (note that I really suck at writing in russian alphabet, takes me 1 minute to type one word!). Here’s the outfit I wore on our arrival day, really cool yet perfect for casual-ing in the city!

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JEANS : Mango
BLAZER : BCBG Maxazria
SHOES : Zara
BAG : Guess by Marciano
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