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The hotel room

Pictures by James Chardon

CONCORDE, BERLIN Never did I imagine how much time will I spend in hotel rooms when starting my blogging adventure. But obviously when you begin travelling that much, the hotels where you stay become quite an important choice and I must admit that I am getting more and more picky on each trip (spoiled little brat). I mean, 2 years ago, on holidays for example, I wouldn’t even care where we stayed because I knew that we would spend the day out in town, at the beach, or exploring the city. Now, the hotel is key because believe me, after a crazy day of running round, nothing feels more important than going back to your room and actually forget that you’re far away from home. It’s a totally different approach. 

I need to feel sheltered, taken care of and be in a zen atmosphere where I can quitely work on my computer. The most important things for me are : the wi-fi (as a blogger it’s the n°1 priority while checking in) and of course breakfast. After a good, healthy breakfast I feel so ready to start the day. And not many hotels have a good breakfast, so I kind of judge them by that. If the breakfast is good, then the hotel gets my approval!That’s how it works! When we were in Berlin, we had the chance to extend our stay and try out the hotel Concorde, which definitely got my ”yes” because of it’s perfect location, lovely interior design, cozy ambiance, great wi-fi connexion and above all fabulous-ly crazy breakfast of gods! So if you’re ever in Berlin, make sure to check it out.

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