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Morning light

Pictures by Zanita Morgan

ARRIVAL IN VANCOUVER, CANADAHey peeps! How are you guys doing? My goodness, it feels to me like ages since I last spoke to you. Yup, so as you might have noticed, I allowed myself to take a couple of days off last week from blogging (still posted many updates on social media, feel free to check it out!) as the fashion week season is soon arriving with lots of work and some pretty intense schedules. I felt like I really needed my little time to enjoy our new adventure in Canada with Secret Location, an amazing concept store which I can’t wait to tell you more about. This time instead of leaving every party/event/dinner early in order to post, I allowed myself to enjoy and disconnect from the online world if only for a couple of days. And now I’m back and super motivated!

So as you might have understood, James and I arrived in Vancouver last week in order to work on a really cool project with SL, among us were invited Vanessa from the Haute Puirsuit and my lovely friend Zanita Morgan. I am absolutely crazy about her photography and we thought that we absolutely had to come up with a concept and collaborate on a new serie of images. Now this time, it’s very conceptual. We were inspired by the beautiful morning light in my hotel room, and the very simple and casual outfit I was wearring that day. These images are all about delicate, soft shades and a really gentle yet subtle beauty. One of the shots is very special, and I’ve honestly never done something like that before, but somehow Zanita made me feel super comfortable and the idea corresponds perfectly to the very natural concept of this shooting (I guess all these spanish chicks in Barcelona tanning topless kind of had an influence on me, freedom to the women! ban the bra!). Believe me, for me it’s a super big risk as I’m no exhibitionist at all while some girls just don’t mind, I mean if I could swim in like a combi, I would sometimes, but this time I wanted to embrace my feminity, without looking vulgar or anything. Of course, this serie is much more editorial than what you usally see up here, but a change is good from time to time isn’t it? Hope you guys like it, and don’t forget to check out Zanita’s amazing blog and photography here!

BRACELETS : Kris & Jules, Vita Fede, Corwall Street
NECKLACES : Brandy Pham, Jennifer Zeuner
RINGS : Calvin Klein

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