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With mango in barcelona

Pictures by James Chardon & Cup of Couple

HOLA!We had the chance to live a super exciting adventure with one of our favourite brands in Spain, yes guys I am talking about Mango. You might know that we’ve already met their lovely team last season at their show and this time we’re back again for some more fun and so many new surprises… We arrived in Barcelona at 10am (meaning that we had to woke up at 3am in Switzerland to make sure that we’re on time at the airport etc… the image of spanish sun woke us up right away!) and had the day to visit the city and pick a lovely Mango outfit for their show. 

The runway was held during the spanish 080 fashion week. Spain is definitely the country of party, life and sun. I couldn’t be more happy to be back in this hot fiesta spot and get ready for the night. The new collection was super edgy and very rock n’ roll. With this sun outside, I had troubles imagining myself wearring boots and sweaters but actually I can’t wait to try some pieces from this new line. It’s perfectly boyish and fits exactly to my current state of mind. We enjoyed a great party afterwards with my babes Jessica from Tuula and Gala from Amlul. Tomorrow James and I are leaving for Russia with Mango as we’re currently working with them on a really exciting project which I can’t wait to tell you more about! Stay updated :)

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