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Gaudi with ebel

Pictures by James Chardon

LAST SUMMER FEELINGS? HELL NO! Okay, so remember the speech I gave you guys a couple of posts back from now about how ”blah blah blah summer’s almost over, blah blah blah I’m going to wear my bikini while having a bath because I don’t want summer to end blah blah”? Well turns out, I just found out (well, the right term would be realised) that it takes 1 hours and half on Easy Jet to Barcelona to get back on the easy breezy summer feel. Yihaa! Got my new Lovers & Friends dress on and new Ebel watch, the game is on!

Since we haven’t been together at the Park Güell with James, we decided to visit Gaudi’s amazing creations and take advantage of the craziness of the place to take some pictures. It was soo crowded but totally worth it. I was happy like a clam to be wearring my new Ebel ” Onde 36mm Malachite dial” which has this absolutely incredible deep green colour (looked so good with the palms and the general atmosphere of the park).  I paired the watch with some golden bracelets to give it a really cool summer feeling. You’ll see guys, it’s soon going to be 10° again soon in Europe, and I’ll have my bath party with dem’ bikinis on. You’re all invited. 

DRESS : Lovers & Friends
SHOES . Zara
WATCH : Ebel ”Onde 36mm Malachite dial”
BAG : Roberto Cavalli


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