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The perfect print shorts

Good morning everybody! I am writing this article from my hotel room in Zürich at the Park Hyatt and I have to say it feels so good to jump back in time and enjoy these images we shot during this great L.A trip. I can’t wait to be back in April for Coachella!!! We have definitely been super busy lately, I would even say more than ever and it’s funny how some of you peeps say on Instagram “Do you even have a proper home!??!”. Hahaha! Legit question!

As much as I love home, and I LOVE my bed, my philosophy is to make it home no matter where I go. As long as I am surrounded by people I love, as long as I bring with me my little pyjamas and computer : I can feel at home no matter where life takes me. And I have to say, there’s nothing better than travelling with James, he is just such an incredible person and we’re so on same page. We work our ass off but then we also have SO much fun and laugh like little kids all the time. It is a real blessing.

Now before letting you enjoy this new outfit and the several extraordinary pieces appearing in the following images, there’a a subject I wanted to talk about with you guys. I am planning to do a more detailed article about it since I would love to share all the story, and my personal tips with you but a lot of you folks have noticed lately my body transformation. So first of all : nope, I’m not starving myself nor do I feel “pressured” in any sort of way. I am and have ALWAYS (I hope I’ll always be!!) been completely uninfluenced by the beauty formats and loved my body just the way it was, just the way it is, no matter it’s size. For me rule n°1 is health, rule n°2 is confidence. So if I’m happy and confident about my body, which I’ve pretty much always been, then I don’t need to change a thing.

What happened lately is that I’ve been dealing with a lot of stress. I know, I know it doesn’t seem like… right? I mean the girl is travelling the world wearing pretty clothes and sleeping in 5* hotels. Well think again. To make it all happen, it takes hours of management off screen. Every success, every step we take has been achieved thanks to our time investment, dedication and work. Stress is a bitch. Sorry to be that direct, but it really is!!! My body started to react in a very weird way to stress and it demanded extra care and attention if I didn’t want to exhaust myself and burn all my ressources.

So the best thing I could do to my body is start a super duper healthy lifestyle. Really nourish my body with vitamins, proteins, healthy fats and all these sorts of things. So bye bye alcohol, bye bye fast food, hello kale, avocados and salmon! I am very sad when I see people write under some profiles “guurl just have a pizza”. It is good to indulge! And I love indulging with some sweets like chocolate, or organic peanut butter, even macarons! And you should definitely enjoy a pizza from time to time, but a pizza (depending on how it’s made of course, there are some insane organic pizzas that are just so good for you), we’re talking like Domino fatty pizza here, won’t nourish your body with the nutriments it needs. It will satisfy your hunger yes. But it won’t fulfill your organism’s real hunger in vital minerals. So in the end your body will technically still be physically hungry.

So this is the first thing : I made healthy, smart changes and improvements. Since I’ve been doing it, I feel so much better… It’s pretty bananas (and I love bananas). Even my stress levels lowered, my body is feeling and looking better than ever and I can’t say how much more mentally strong I got thanks to this. I feel like eating healthy is like giving sooooo much delicious luving to my little bod’bod. Really guys, listen to your parents who tell you to eat your spinach. It’s so true and so precious. We have such fast access to food, so take the time to do the good choices, there’s no pressure. And above all, do what”s right for you and be reasonable!

Second thing, I’ve started wondering for quite a few months now if I had an intolerance for gluten. Every time I would eat bread, even like healthy whole wheat bread, my body would just go nuts. My skin would break out, I’d have heavy cramps, my fingers and leg would retain water. Just bad stuff… A couple of weeks ago I got the confirmation that I became gluten intolerant over the time (probably due to stress reasons, a lot of people develop gluten, sometimes also lactose intolerances over the years, it can appear and disappear just as quickly in fact in some situations). It was honestly the most annoying thing to learn, because I am a HUGE fan of cakes and cookies and well even if in L.A it’s very easy to have gluten free sweets, in Europe not so much. So I have to say bye bye to a lot of things (thank god there’s ice cream and chocolate, thank god some macarons don’t have gluten in them!!! otherwise I’d cry myself to sleep every single day). But of course excluding things like pasta or bread from your diet makes a big body difference…

So these are a little bit of the reasons why my body indeed changed over the last couple of months, and I would love to share with you more health tips as I’m becoming kind of an expert in the file huhuhu. I mean I LOVE food SO freaking much. And I want everybody to love it and to enjoy the benefits from it. One thing is for sure, make food your best friend. You need it like you need air. Eat smart, and eat for your stomach, don’t eat for your brain who sometimes messes up with you and pushes you to eat things that won’t actually satisfy your real needs. Educate yourself about what’s really good for you and just stay as healthy and happy as possible. I am for sure happier as ever about my lifestyle, I absolutely don’t restrict myself, there’s nothing I love more than eating good healthy food and indulging with things I love from time to time.

Which leaves us with the pictures of this outfit I wore on a busy day of meetings during our stay in Los Angeles! How adorable are these little print shorts?! This outfit has been one of my favs during our stay in sunny cali, it was just so comfy, sexy and chic at the same time. The perfect combo of print and good basics! Sending you all my love!!!!



TOP : Zara (Similar Here)

SHORTS : Tolani

BAG : Louis Vuitton

SHOES : Oscar Tiye

BRACELETS : Vita Fede, Piaget

RINGS : Alex Mika, Vite Fede

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