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Pure magic

It’s been so interesting to read your comments about my previous post! I’ve been definitely more and more interested to integrate on Kayture more lifestyle content, and especially more informative content. As much as I adore being inspired by beautiful fashion pictures, I feel like as a reader, you, me, everybody, is looking for some extra information. And I am so interested to write more about food, lifestyle, health, beauty and who knows… Many other different things. I don’t want to tell too much but we are definitely working on it and all I can say is that you should stay updated…!

Our tickets to Los Angeles are booked and we will be back in the city of Angels for a whole month in April in order to attend the Coachella music festival! There are so many incredible artists I can’t wait to hear and meet. I am sure it’s going to be an extremely inspiring experience that will give me a lot to think about. Since we came back from Los Angeles, I’ve been writing to new lyrics and melodies constantly. Feeling so inspired and refreshened. L.A is definitely the heart of entertainment business and I can’t wait to work on my music there  I am excited and happy like a clam to go back.

This look is my definition of ideal black and white combo on a sunny afternoon. As we were having meetings by Alfred’s coffee (you guys NEED to go there, one of my fav places for a chai latte and some healthy juices by Pressed) I decided to go for a chic yet quite effortless pick : a basic Zara top and Cameo skirt that I got from Revolve, little tweed blazer and my beloved Valentino bag that just seems to match half of my closet. Also I am soooo into ear cuffs. But wait. Not all of them. Just the super sleek, minimalistic ones à la Repossi. It just seems to add the perfect dose of “edgy” to a look that’s quite elegant. It’s all about finding the right balance!


TOP : Zara (Similar Here)

SHOES : Zara (Similar Here)

SKIRT : Cameo (Revolve)

JACKET : Zara (Similar Here)

BAG : Valentino

EAR CUFF : Alex Mika

WATCH : Michael Kors 

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