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Secret location giveaway

DELICATE AND SUBTLELately, I’ve been all about super delicate jewerly while I remember myself a couple of months back from now being obsessed with statement pieces, and wearring a bold statement necklace around my neck for most of Paris fashion week. People change so much right? Maybe I grew up, got all old and boring (bluagh) but my tastes, not only in fashion of course but in food as well changed so much (I am so interested about clean eating, organic and natural foods right now, while I would never ever really care about this kind of subject before). 

So today, I am all about really simple small jewerly, that you wear more for yourself than for the others. It’s a statement piece that you wear your own satisfaction, own pleasure and which becomes visible when people are coming closer to you. What I love about delicate jewerly is that it’s so diverse, you can pick your own message, shape or symbol. The choices are unlimited. Today I am super excited to launch the new Secret Location giveaway with this fabulous Van Rycke ring. This ring is tiny, but is worth a lot (+1’000$, gold pleated and with tiny diamons, it’s a real pearl) and today on Kayture, I am super excited to share this amazing opportunity with you guys, the best followers on earth, and win this ring as well. All you have to do is 

1. Follow Kayture on Bloglovin
2. Follow Secret Location on Twitter
3. Answer this question : ” What current dessert name is based on a famous Marilyn Monroe movie title in Secret Location’s restaurant menu?” Tip : the answer can be found on SL’s website by clicking here!
4. Leave a comment with you e-mail address (comment can’t be deleted afterwards) 
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