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Sporty bodycon in spain

Pictures by James Chardon

 THE TALKOkay so I always had pretty strong opinions about bodycon dresses, or the ”suck-it-in-super-tight-it-squeezes-errrthang” kind of dresses… So either you la-la-love it, or they give your nighmares. I shared both opinions… During different periods too… So there was the one with and without a work-out routine obviously (aah the pleasures of squats…)… And as you can imagine the one without was yuk. I mean, I always felt like bodycon dresses, bandage and stuff, always looked kind of tacky. Kind of like you want to show the world that you have a flat tummy and tight butt (okay… I TOTALLY get it, after hours of training you wanna spread the love!). Or it’s great if you have beautiful curves, dem’ little bum boom right where you need to have it.

I’ve personally never really been a huge fan. Even if I’ve done my core exercises (werk, werk) and lunges, I’m not a bandage girl especially since you can barely have a glass (or the bottle like I like to hehe) of water, or even grab some lunch without thinking about your tumzy sticking out afterwards (breath in, and don’t breath out!). Ahh us girls, all the things we have to think about right… Imagine if guys had to wear bodysuits and leggings. Well some do actually! Anyway, I thought about giving a try to this funky dress as since I was mad about the print. Since fashion week is almost there, I take advantage of playing it comfy as I know that in September my feet are going to suffer enough from high heels. Love how sporty this dress went out with the sandals and the denim! A good way to play down a bodycon dress! So what is your opinion about it?

DRESS : Omnitrade Fashion
SHOES : Divine
JEWERLY : Vita Fede
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