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Pre-nyfw philosophical reflexions about life

Pictures by James Chardon

HERE WE GO! Okay, so I am super proud of my title. Damn, it sounds so intellectual ”pre-nyfw philosophical reflexions about life”, I mean this could be the title of a New York Times best seller, no? I don’t even know where that came from. Guess I have some highly valuable ressources down there. All right, all right… I’ll admit that it’s 1am as I am writing this and I abused on coffee (the perks of late night fashion week packing…) so don’t pay to much attention to my writing. I mean, I am getting quite pensive about all this upcoming season. So the thing is, should we or shouldn’t we make such a big deal out of the fashion week season? (hellow, it’s like the most exciting and important fashion period of the year d’uuh) but still I mean aren’t we sometimes forgetting the essential behind fashion week? The designers and their new collection?

I feel like people care more and more about the real life runway shows going on outside Lincoln Center and Milk Studios. The ”spot the icons” ”it-girls” game is now a proffessional hobby (I am not joking). Oh hey Anna, hey Carine. Gurls. In all honesty,  fashion week allowed me to learn so much about the industry, aquire knowledge about the designers, the fabrics, their concepts and being able to observe the proceess, the evolution is such an honour. I always feel like I am assisting to a historical moment… I really do! And I am so fascinated. I drown in all this beauty… Seriously (though it sounds so tacky). Of course what happens outside the shows is so interesting too, you get to talk and exchange thoughts about the things you saw throughout the day and then make new friends by sharing feet blister pains. So I am beyond excited (not for the blisters though, yuk). We’re leaving on Wednesday, super long flight planned in the schedule. I thought meanwhile, just for a little tease, I’d share with you guys some of my previous NYFW outfits and wait until you see what kind of treasures I got in my pocket for this season ;)

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