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The getaway

Pictures by James Chardon

EASY SUMMEROur trip to Barcelona was short, waay to short I would even say. By spending some time there throughout the years (it has been my fourth time in the city and in general 8th time in Spain) I got to love this place more and more everytime. The food, the people the culture… Everything is so warm and welcoming. We even have our little spots now, places we like to go when we’re in the city. I love to have this feeling of knowing a little bit of everywhere! But the fact is we couldn’t stay longer as a new adventure was waiting for us. Yes, I am talking about fashion season! Huray (I litterally just stood up from my desk to jump and dance… litterally). 

So our first stop is going to be New York of course, and we’ll be there for more than a week. The big apple has become our city of dreams ever since James and I first visited, it’s a paradise when you’re working in fashion as it’s open to all opportunities. Now when it comes to fashion week, my duty (a part from all the insane organisation behind, but that’s the boring part) is to prepare the best looks possible and I am currently getting crazy navigating through Net-A-Porter, ASOS, and Topshop (I totally lost my temper on Topshop, holy moly somebody should burn my credit card). The fact is when you shop for a reason, you find all the excuses ”urrrr but I need these jeans”, ”these boots would be perfect for fashion week” and the killing phrase :  ”it’s an investment”!!! And that little game goes on and on until the check-out where I find out that my cart is worth a fancy car. Sooo… I’m still working on that (huhu).

PLAYSUIT : Minusey
BAG : Roberto Cavalli
SHOES : Michael Kors
WATCH : Michael Kors

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