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Print splash during pfw

Pictures by James Chardon

BEFORE THE LOUIS VUITTON SHOWHey people!! So James and I got back home yesterday night (suuuuper late with our mega luggages!) after an intensive month of travelling between New York, Milan and Paris for fahsion week. It is the very first season that we’ve decided to do the 3 weeks from A-Z, meaning that we haven’t skipped a day or a show while we used to stay just a couple of days the years before. And you know what : just by following some editors, or some of the bloggers out there doing the whole thing, I didn’t realise how much hard work it was to plan a successfull, packed up schedule fashion week season… Very naive of me. Now that I’ve done it myself, I can honestly admit that this is definitely, and without a doubt, one of the most stressfull, intense, yet soooo exciting period I’ve ever experienced. Imagine, doing a full day of shows,, presentations, business meetings, shootings then finishing the night with events and parties followed by 3 hours to edit an article for the next day and preparing THE cool look. Meaning : alarm at 5am almost every day and going to bed at 1am all most all the time. AND having to look per-fect during the whole thing to shoot (puffy bags under the eyes are not allowed). The thing is that James and I have always travelled together, we realised that so far it’s been great but we can only have four hands and two heads so it was quite challenging to be on the top of everthing. Next season, we’re definitely hiring!

I am thinking about doing this behind the scenes of fashion week article showing the not so glamourous side, with the boxes of band aids on the floor (yes yes, high heels everyday and the whole day, you can only imagine the result!), most of my face creams in the mini bar to keep them cold and give me a little ”perk me up” in the morning avoiding me the zombie look, our 6 suitcases and bags opened on the floor of our hotel room (imagine the space left to walk!), our laptops, phones and cameras charging everywhere, invites, sample bags filling up the space left and of course SHOES everywhere! Yup, that was some crazy month. So I am planning on spending a couple of days home in my PJ just finishing some work on my computer and having tea in a mug the whole day. But before I forget, here’s the look I wore to the mesmerizing Louis Vuitton show on the last day of Paris fashion week. I was super excited to post it, so there you go! I am not used to wear pink (hello the Barbie look!) as I prefer something more edgy and elegant but this dress by Matthew Willamson really caught my attention because of it’s gorgeous print and also how it matched my LV Vivienne bag that I of course have decided to wear for the event. Later on, I switched my favourite bag of the season : the Valentino rockstud that I got from Runin2 as it was the end of a long day and I needed something big to put all my stuff in to head to the train station!! This bag has been a real life savious so far, can’t stop wearing it!

Now the show… I have been thinking about this show for the past couple of days as it really had a huge impact on me and was probably one of my most memorable fashion experience. The location of the show was all baby pink from the outside, letting us imagine a mega girly ambiance and perhaps a super colorfull new Vuitton collection? But arriving at the entrance, we all noticed the maids in black and white with their feathers dusting the sides of the stairs very elegantly with their little col claudines so proper to Louis Vuitton’s popular necklaces. Once inside, the shock : everything is black with a gigantic caroussel and fountain. It reminded me an old gothic manoir, very dark and quite surreal in a way, with a very mysterious ambiance floating in the air… The invitation said 10am, but as always we thought ”it’s fineee all the shows start laate” (even Chanel was 30 minutes late this season) but as the clocked ticked 10, the music started… *Goosebumps*. The water in the fountain rises and the show starts. Marc Jacobs dedicated this collection to the showgirl in all of us while Edie Campbell opened the runway almost nude covered in the emblematic ”Louis Vuitton” graffiti body suit and feathers. The whole show was an hommage to the 16 years of Marc Jacobs at the house of Louis Vuitton with elements from each collection being honoured throughout the 18 minutes of this epic, grandiose and legendary spectacle. The collection essentially black, was the perfect punctuation point to Marc Jacobs’s love story with Louis Vuitton and a ”funeral” of their relationship as he leaves officially the house. The music, took my breath away each minute, second, of this incredible experience. I invite you all the see it on as I am only good at relating my experience, but I want you all to see it for yourself. I can’t describe how gratefull I am for having had the chance to assist to such a legendary moment in fashion history, and being able to live and see such a work of art in real life. 

DRESS : Matthew Williamson
SHOES : Zara
BAG : Louis Vuitton / Valentino via Runin2


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