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Pictures by James Chardon

 WHILE IN INTERLAKENAs you guys might know if you are following my activity on Instagram or other social media platforms, James and I have spend the past couple of days in Interlaken with La Prairie discovering their newest 2014 breakthrough products as well as attending their beautiful international Gala which was organized at the hotel Viktoria Jungfrau. I feel like such a lucky girl to be able to travel the world so much, and hang out one day in New York the other day in Paris while admiring the amazing architecture, trying out news foods and restaurants, staying in all these amazing places but what I realize more and more simply by coming back home after weeks of travelling is how lucky we are in Switzerland and how incredible the quality of life is. I mean, first of all the quality of the air in Interlaken for example is beyond amazing. You just breath in purity! Every summer we have my grand mother coming to visit us from Belarus and she’s always sooo impressed by the quality of the air. But also and second of all : the food. Oh my god… Honestly, some of the best foods I’ve ever tried were in Switzerland, everything is so local and people pay so much attention to the quality of each ingredient. Yes, I am talking about the cheese, the wine, the chocolate but also all the baked goods and so on. Finally, when I think about it we also have some of the most fantastic luxury brands of the world. Think Chopard, Rolex, Lindt, Cailler, Piaget, Bally and of course… La Prairie.

I have always been fascinated by La Prairie ever since I discovered it. As you may know, I am a huge fan of beauty products even if my main passion is fashion. I still love to try new creams and try to find the ultimate beauty routine. The first time that I ever tried a La Prairie product was when I was taking part in Miss Switzerland’s pageant and I needed a good bronzer that wouldn’t leave stains (not that easy to find, believe me) and a good friend of mine, in symbol of support and to bring me luck got me a bottle of La Prairie’s face and body bronzer… Which was honestly the best one I have ever, and I mean it, ever tried. Since then, I of course finished it. But my fascination just kept growing. Even if most of their line is anti-age and that I am not sure if I need that already, my mom always used to tell me “it’s not with creams that you’ll erase wrinkles, these are to prevent them” and how she started to use them really early in her twenties. Well the result, is that she has a beauitful complexion and ever since then, I decided to try some of La Prairie’s creams and have been so happy with the result. I’ve been using the eye cream, the lipbalm, the skin caviar over night mask and have been loving all of it! My skin never felt so fresh and full of vitality. So yes, Switzerland rocks it! During our stay in Interlaken with their team, we got to know the brand even better and tried their new products which will come out next year in 2014. But here’s for now a shooting that we did right before the Gala at the Viktoria Jungfrau hotel.

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