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The beanie in the city

Pictures by James Chardon

SOME NEW STEPSThere’s something about this time of the year that feels extremely hectic. But in a really, really good way of course. Okay so first of all I am very excited for Christmas and New Year’s eve (it’s kind of the whole organisation of the events right now, what is everybody going to do, who are you going to celebrate with, where are you going to celebrate and what are you going to wear and what are you going to gift your beloved ones… OH and shoot need to buy a christmas tree, and decorate it and whoops*, just burned my ginger oatmeal cookies that were in the oven… hectic yes, but quite fun no?). A part from the whole end of the year celebration thing, I’ve been working on a lot of extra projects lately which I unfortunately can’t tell you more about (it honestly pisses me off as I would soo like to give you some little hints) but all I can say is that I am writing a LOT (hint, hint) and that I sleep very little. It’s been almost two weeks that I’ve slept around 5 hours per night. And you know what? I totally don’t mind!! In fact I am so excited and happy that I just want to stay awake and work all night long as I have so many ideas popping in my head. But that obviously isn’t such a great idea. I have the feeling that 2014 is definitely going to be full of new goals and hopefully great achievements. One of the main things I’ve been doing as well is singing. You guys might know that before starting the blog I was in a music school and also in a band. Singing has been my biggest passion with fashion since I am around… 4 I would say?  My parents still remember me singing Britney Spears as I was three apples tall and had barely no teeth. Very cute. Ever since, I didn’t stop singing or writing songs even though blogging and fashion take most of my time. But all my life I will regret it if I don’t do something about it. Yup, I always wanted to sing, entertain, share a visual message and I feel like there is such a strong bong between fashion and music, both together they create such perfect harmony between what you see and what you hear. Yet right now as a fashion blogger, I feel like I learn already so much about networking andentertainment (I see blogging as one of a kind).

I’ve been writing so many songs lately and organizing some future musical projects that I am just dying to share with you. It is definitely going to be a new step for next year and I am fully on board and motivated! So definitely stay updated guys as you’ll hear more and more news about it all with time. But meanwhile I am just so glad to share already this with you so that you’re not completely like “wuuuut?!” when I’ll be screaming my heart out on camera (that’s going to be fun). I might be singing like a dying cat! Ooor… not? Who knows… Anyway, as you are reading this we are probably already in Milan for a very exciting event with Disaronno to celebrate their new partnership with Moschino! I am super glad to be back in Italy. And tomorrow we’re leaving to Paris as we’re going to work on a super secret but very interesting and big project… More news to come so make sure to follow our social media for more updates! Now we shot this look while running from meeting to meeting in Geneva. I wanted to be comfy and “casual” (in my own way of course) yet look chic and modern. I’ve had my eyes on knee high boots and got these ones in from Guess. Aren’t they totally stunning? Plus they are very comfortable, so it’s perfect for an entire day in the city. Also when working the whole day I need a bag big enough to handle all my stuff, my favourite is definitely this Valentino rockstud that I got on Runin2. I love it so much, definitely one of my best pieces. It’s so versatile and you can put so much in it! Lots of love guys x

COAT : Zara
SKIRT : In Love
BOOTS : Guess
HAT : Zara
TOP : Zara

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