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The perfect white dress

Pictures by James Chardon

MUMBAI FLASHBACK Hey loves! Hope you had a fantastic beginning of the week and I believe a lot of you are on holidays right now or planning perhaps Christmas and New Year’s eve celebrations! For those of you on holidays : congrats!!! For those of you planning : I’ve heard that Christmas expectations generate a lot of stress and pressure (I’ve got quite a few friends around me that got sick and I am pretty sure that Christmas is the main reason for their poor immune system……if you know what I mean… all these cookies and Christmas songs can’t be no good). Yes, yes, you’ve heard me : Christmas isn’t only about pretty candles, candies and gift boxes. Christmas can be a little stress ball : organize dinners, cocktail parties, buy the perfect decoration, make sure to bring in all the family and so on, and so on. I’ve read this super interesting article the other day (can’t remember the name of the journalist unfortuantely) which explained how Christmas is one of the most stressfull periods of the year for families and how many people get burn outs at this time. I was so shocked! But whoopsies. I am supposed to be celebrating positive winter energy in this post! Sorry about that folks : don’t freak out about Christmas, it’s the perfect time of the year to spend with your family and have the best time ever. I personaly love the ambiance and feel so happy to be spending a couple of days in Switzerland since we came back from Paris. The streets in Geneva look so gorgeous with all the new decorations! Even though I am deeply sinked in candy cane and gingerbread vibe, I am also super excited to share with you this last set of images from Mumbai. Of course, I couldn’t forget about these images shot at the Taj Mahal Palace, they had the most incredible pool garden ever. A pure dream come true that reminded me of a real tropical garden full of life and colours. 

In this article I am wearing some of my old and new favourite pieces but the key center of the whole look is this incredible wrap white dress that I got at Celeb Boutique (the exact link for the dress is bellow in the article). I discovered the brand online a couple of weeks ago and instantly fell in love with this white gourgeousness as it’s so elegant yet modern. I love it’s shape, I love the drapery. Here I wore it as I was hanging out by the pool in Mumbai but I also wore it for a big even in Zürich, so it’s pretty versatile as well. You guys should totally check out the online shop, there are some really cool pieces that are also quite fun for the end of the year’s celebrations. On a more personal note, lately it’s been busy like never before to be totally honest. It’s not that we’re travelling too much like on a fashion week period for example (we are travelling enough though, leaving soon to a new excting adventure) but we are essentially working on the New Kayture (the new design of the blog which will be soon released… stay tuned) and on some external projects which take so much time to organize but that I simply can’t wait to reveal to you guys!! It took us longer than expected but we want every detail to be perfect. And also, since some of you guys were asking, James and I wanted to make something more fun and playfull for the Q&A video so we’ll be re-shooting it in the following days, we’re such perfectionists and we just want it to be informative yet super nice at the same time. So there are definitely a lot coming up, you just have to give us a little time to surprise you. Some patience and it will totally pay off!! Meanwhile, enjoy this sunny outfit post!

DRESS : Celeb Boutique
BAG : Saint Laurent
SHOES : Even & Odd
SUNNIES : Gucci 
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