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The sun of Los Angeles is so overwhelming and inspiring. It’s been a while since I’ve last seen such a gorgeous weather, and I can’t even describe how motivated and excited that makes me feel… Bring on the vitamin D!!!! One thing is for sure, it makes me want to go out and make tons of gorgeous pictures. Which is so great as New York’s weather during fashion week has been tough on our photography : so hard to shoot outside when it’s almost -15°. People in California are so lucky and you know what : I can definitely see such a huge impact on their mind sets, they’re all so positive and laid back. I love that.

So you might remember when I channeled Gabrielle Chanel and Grace Kelly in two of my previous posts. Well in this article I am interpreting another one of my favorite icons, a woman who’s career truly marked a generation : Brigitte Bardot. I always loved her feminine looks, romantic and preppy styles and iconic hair styles. More volume please! When I think of her, I think of Saint Tropez and Cannes, I think of the sun and hot bikinis. LA was definitely the perfect spot to shoot these images.

I’ve always loved it when jewelry has a personal value and have a certain emotional attachement to my favorite jewelry pieces. Lately, I’ve been really into lucky charms, jewelry that you wear on a daily basis to give you that little kick of energy and motivation when you need it, reminding you of your inner believes just by looking down at your wrist. A clever reminder of an important message you’d like to share with yourself or gift to your beloved one.

That’s what I always loved about Pandora’s new Essence collection as it has such a deep spiritual value. Each stone is individually selected in order to represents it’s wearer’s inner values and beliefs, unique for everybody  and a reminder of some of the most important, timeless things in life. In this case, to me Brigitte Bardot was all about Love, Passion, Joy and Positivity. It’s such a cute little project we’ve been working on with their lovely team, I hope you guys enjoyed discovering these three different characters and bracelets by Pandora, it was so much fun creating these shootings. Hope you liked it!

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