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Effortlessly chic

Every time we manage to get some time in Switzerland in between two trips, we always try to squeeze in a little stop by our favorite city, Zürich. We really keep it close to our hearts as so many of our friends are based there and we kind of have this home away from home which welcomes us with wide open arms each time we’re back.

Oh and not to mention that there’s Hiltl!!! Hello best vegan gluten free cookie of all times. Yeah that’s just me, the reason I fall in love with a place is usually due to the food. If my stomach is happy, my brain follows up. That’s as simple as it gets.

So last time we came, we spotted this adorable place with cherry blossom trees and of course we had to stop by to make some pictures. If macarons are particularly photogenic and perfect for Instagram content, I feel like cherry blossom trees are becoming a huge competition (why do I feel like I sound kind of crazy here, comparing the photogenic levels of a tree and a dessert… I really need to take a break from my computer). I’ve been literally on the quest for cherry blossom trees lately, and of course haven’t stopped eating macarons either (if you check out this image, you’ll understand what I’m talking about).

That day I chose a very cozy look, big comfy sweater and denim pants, but with a very chic twist just as I usually like to do with my favorite Valentino pumps and a coat over the shoulders. A lot of you guys ask me why I don’t wear my coat as a healthy minded regular person and instead put it over the shoulders, well the reason is simple guys : structure! Plus I like to imagine my coat being a super hero cape. No but in all honesty, I feel like wearing it like that makes it so cozy, you just want to wrap yourself around it in the textile as if it was a blanket. At the same time with weather like this when it’s not too cold, you want to feel the little fresh air on your arms without struggling to bend them because of the multi layering. Try it! You’ll forget your coat even had sleeves to put your arms in!



PANTS : Rag & Bone

SHOES : Valentino

COAT : Zara (Similar Here)

SWEATER : Helmut Lang

RINGS : Elizabeth & James thanks to Revolve 

EARRING : Shay Accessories

BAG : 3.1 Phillip Lim 

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