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Kristina bazan for cartier


Today is a very important and exciting day for me and for Kayture. When opening my blog, there are certain little goals I had in mind, certain dreams I wanted to achieve and of course certains brands I was fascinated by and wanted to create a story about… Yet I never really knew where my passion and this wonderful journey would bring me and if somebody would have told me one day that I’d have the honor to be the very first international blogger to work with Cartier, I definitely wouldn’t have believed it. But this, in fact, just happened.

Cartier for me is one of those brands, that just conveys a mysterious, enchanting and magical message. Not only is it iconic jewelry, it’s above all a story where each precious jewel means something extraordinary to the one who wears it. If we think of the Love bracelet which ties an unbreakable love bond between two people, here I am happy to introduce you to a jewel whose meaning touched me personally so much that I couldn’t have been more happy and honored to make my own interpretation of it. I am very blessed to introduce you to the Amulette by Cartier.

Dreaming has always been extremely important for me, it’s what makes me want to wake up in the morning and fight for what I love. Dreaming is my escape, it’s my sanity in some sort. Without dreaming, there’s no hope, no future probably either. There’s nothing more powerful that believing in a dream and being ready to do anything in order to make this dream come true. Not only do I believe that dreams do come true, but I also do believe in luck, and in the law of attraction. If you set your mind up to something, you’ll naturally start attracting similar elements that’ll help you approach your goal.

I love the idea of wearing a jewel that has a deep emotional meaning to me and what’s so incredible about this Amulette is the whole concept around it which says you can make a wish, and lock it up in the pendant. That way, your dream will be safe and sound near your heart, following you all day and reminding you each second of that little magical something that means so much to you. And by channeling that dream, I have no doubt you’ll be attracting everything that’s needed in order for it to come true.

James and I shot these images in one of my favorite places on earth, Santa Monica right near Shutters on the beach. This place just breathes magic, and I know deep inside, that here is the place where I have the opportunity to make my dreams come true if I fight hard enough. My heart does tell it to me every single day. And I sure locked up a wish in my little pendant… ;)



Amulette by Cartier

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