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Picknick at the four seasons

This title may sound very quirky, but it felt extremely legitimate as we shot these images at the Four Seasons hotel in Geneva and it turns out : I wore the perfect chic pick nick outfit, with this “napkin” print all over this splendid Louis Vuitton outfit that I had the chance to style that day. Okay okay, it might not be the perfect outfit for an actual pick nick (my bet would be to go for some cozy sweater and probably loafers or as some would say Birkenstocks) but it is appropriate for a room service style pick nick at the Four Seasons… So fancy, my my…!

I love it when I see things moving in Geneva, it’s such a beautiful city with so many wonderful ressources. I’ve always wished that fashion was more present as for me Geneva is very corporate business oriented for now. So when fashion related things happen, I get extremely excited. It’s like I yell at her, Geneva, as if it was my best friend “you go gurl!!!”. That’s the way to go. That’s just how happy I get.

The reason why I am saying this is because in the heart of the city, one of my fav. boutiques, Louis Vuitton reopened their women’s wear space in their gorgeous Geneva boutique. When I was informed of the news, I got extremely excited, especially to see the new design of the place and the way the new products will be disposed to allow the customer/visitor the best, most unforgettable experience ever.

They started unveiling the first part of the expansion this month but the whole reopening will be completed end of 2014. Which means a lot of awesome surprises and things to be looking forward too! The boutique has constantly been renovated and expanded to offer top quality services (can you believe that it’s been present for over 30 years in Geneva!) in the best shopping environment possible.

As you may all know, the boutique is located at 33, rue du Rhône (impossible to miss it!).They just renewed second floor dedicated to the Women’s collections, including an extended offer of ready-to-wear, shoes, accessories, textiles, leather goods (so much temptation argh…) and even a special bespoke service! This whole second floor, has been developed to be a total, and full immersion into Louis Vuitton’s feminine universe… and I am already excited about the Spring Summer 2014 collection!!! (those Capucines and Lockit bags are to die for).

So make sure to stop by and see it with your own eyes!


Total look Louis Vuitton 

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