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The new cool

If you asked me a couple of years ago to pick randomly anything from a clothing store, or a statement piece I’d need to wear everyday, I’d be back in less than a minute with a little elegant dress right above the knee. I never wore jeans, trousers were close to a nightmare and I didn’t even consider the word “casual”. It simply never existed in my vocabulary. Things changed quite a lot to this day! The first thing I usually pick up when shopping are some plane basics just because you can never have enough and they’re the best investment : always useful, always pretty and feeling comfortable just makes us all happy now doesn’t it?

I use to spend tons of money getting random stuff from Zara or H&M. Thinking, yes I do need this pineapple printed yellow silk top (that I’ll only wear once because I’ll grow tired of it…) as well as those mint shoes that hurt but are so pretty. No. No and triple no. I guess my shopping skills matured a little bit and so instead of ruining myself on tons of little things that will not last, I’ll prefer investing on key pieces that’ll make me so happy to wear. But don’t get me wrong, I still love Zara. I’ll just tend to get some basics for the seasons there instead on splurging on all and nothing.

My strategy now is to find the right materials. A good fabric is everything. I’ve noticed when packing that I always tend to take the best stuff with me, just because a good quality sweater will arrive at it’s destination without being completely messed up like a viscose top which will have all the folding lines on it. I have some shirts that I paid something like 30$ that are im-po-ssible to wear because even if I iron them, in the middle of the day, they’ll get all wrinkly.

So yes now, I am much more picky and my shopping rhythm definitely diminished. I’m saving up money and thanks to this strategy am able to afford from time to time some designer statements like these adorable Chanel pearl flats that I’ve had on my radar. I keep wearing them all the time, feeling so comfy and pretty having them on. We were talking about how my shopping habits changed, well my personal style did too and I am now all about casual wear actually. Playing it cool, laid back and effortless is as much as an “art” as dressing up all glam.

If I used to wear heels almost every single day, I am now preaching the flat. Literally. I was kind of tired of making my body go through all of this, I mean walking on heels all day, even if you’re good at it, isn’t that healthy for the legs and the feet. I now swear by comfy jeans, white tops, a bun on the head and THE perfect details that will make the whole difference. Needless to say that this Sonia Rykiel jacket is everything. So chic, it ads the perfect touch to this look that I wore in Paris before dinner at the restaurant “Le Derrière” with the Net A Porter team. Casual is definitely the new cool.


TOP : Lanvin (Similar Here)

JEANS : Rag & Bone

JACKET : Sonia Rykiel 

SHOES : Chanel (Similar Here)

CLUTCH : Sonia Rykiel 

BELT : Mango

BRACELET : Vita Fede 

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