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The hotel guide


I had moments in my life and through this blogging journey where I started asking myself where my real home really was. Because at the end of the day, it happened that I actually didn’t feel like home anywhere. And not in a bad way, not at all! Kind of in a way where you just don’t remember anymore and get lost in this hectic life pace. Like sometimes you don’t remember what day it is. Well sometimes, I don’t remember what it feels like to sleep in my own, actual, normal bed. Or if I do, then it feels just weird! Not that I’ll complain about king size hotel beds. My actual bed in Switzerland is so tiny that my feet always hang out from all sides. Not to sound weird, but that’s how I feel.

Traveling to a new place every 3 days, spending life in hotel rooms can get very unpersonal at some point. Not to mention that my base in Switzerland still is my parent’s place, not exactly my own space. I had moments, a very long time ago at the beggings of Kayture where I did indeed feel kind of overwhelmed. It’s so hard to build up a routine and stay healthy when you’re in a different city every week. Luckily that strange feeling quickly disappeared to leave instead the biggest excitement for this speed pace. I know have the ability to make it feel like home no matter where I go.

What I understood above all is that it’s not a question of where you are or the conditions you’re in : it’s your state of mind that will change everything and the people you surround yourself with. I know that even if James and I land in the creepiest place ever, together we’ll protect and empower each other so much. He’s my rock, I’m his rock too. I know that when we are together, it feels like home everywhere, because we bring this easy going flow, humour and in general connection everywhere we go.

In fact, I also appreciate having that detachment to my actual home base in Switzerland. That is I think the reason why I love traveling that much. I don’t feel the need to spend too much time home. I get bored very quickly and need turbulances. With that in mind, it pushes me to actually appreciate the on-the-go lifestyle SO much more, cherishing every single experience we live.

Throughout the years, I’ve developed tricks to feel cozy and comfy no matter where I go. I always take the same things with me. They totally light a little flame in my heart. There are very few! First of all, I need my pyjamas. It’s essential. I like to sleep in a nice, cozy yet chic one. When I discovered Olivia Von Halle’s luxury sleepwear, I madly fell in love with it. Simple perfection : so comfortable and gorgeous at the same time.

Next, I need moisture. I don’t know how to explain it, but having my little pots of cream makes me feel pampered and cozy no matter where I go. I just love this feeling of taking care even if you’re running all day. I’ll have my little pot of Aerin’s rose balm next to the bed which I’ll apply on all the sore areas of my body. I am also a big fan of Rodin’s face oil which I use daily, either for the day or the night. The scent is so relaxing and just makes me feel so zen.

When traveling, I like to have everything in pouches. You don’t want your stuff to break or open up in the suitcases and have cream all over your clothing. So I decided to get myself some monogrammed travel cases from Cuyana. It says “Kay” on them and every time I have a look at those adorable pistache babies, I feel happy. I really do. Not only are they full of treasures but they look so beautiful no matter where I put them. And what about you guys, what items make you feel at home away from home? Any tricks? Share them with us, I am very eager to know your tips :)

PYJAMAS : Olivia Von Halle & Here

TRAVEL VANITY : Cuyana & Similar Here

FLORAL VANITY : Gucci (Similar Here)

FACE OIL : Rodin 

ROSE BALM : Aerin 

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